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Thanks for visiting The Handy Mom, home of Sally Bird and her daughter Stephanie Williams, and their handiwork.

Sally Bird has always been a “handy mom,” and now she’s a handy grandmother too. Her skills come from having to do most of the work around the house - painting, hanging wallpaper, sewing clothes, pillows and curtains, yard work and more.

Over the past few years, her seamstress skills have been put to great use. She has been making adorable clothing for her grandchildren. And fabulous pillows, bedding, curtains and more for her daughters, interior designers and friends.

Stephanie learned from her mother, and creates wonderful pillows, belts and all kinds of other fun things.


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I'm looking at your website and can't tell if you are sharing your handicrafts on a blog or if you are selling your services. Where are you located?


Yes Stephanie and Sally do provide seamstress services. They are located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Please let me know if you need more info. 

Missy is an amazing photographer


Hollywood Sign by Missy Broome. 

High voltage…



Gary, please stop shouting “Freebird” at the lamp. It doesn’t take requests.

Here is the flip side of the new bedding by Sally.

Stonegate Kids presents Toy Story 3

This is Quinn Williams, daughter of a Handy Mom. Stephanie will also be offering a pillow to the raffle winner, so get there! Quinn is the fun one in the photo…


I am going to be in a play on Friday, July 8th.  I am playing Buster. 

See the story in the Daily Herald.  Check me out in the photo.

Sally made an amazing duvet using Amy Butler fabric. Looks amazing, and its reversible. 

Sally, I didn’t like them … I LOVED them! They fit perfect, look perfect and have transformed our bench into a beautiful piece of furniture.


2010 Christmas Dresses.  Sally did it again!  Thanks mom!!

Some recent feedback: 

um, hello? Way better than wooden solider! Those dresses are gorgeous. Much better!

OMG!!! Your mom is a ‘national treasure’…..she is most certainly a national treasure to your family.  I can’t even begin to image her talent.

Recent pillow order, with a set of burp cloths and baby towel.  All that for $115.00 plus shipping!  What a great gift!

More vests for Indian Guides, as modeled by Owen. Contact Stephanie for pricing. 

New shirt idea.  Dress up a simple t-shirt from Target.

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Amy Butler fabrics. Amy Butler fabrics. Amy Butler fabrics. American girl doll dress to match. Dress idea came from Chaising Fireflies. Little sister made one to match.

All the fabulous dresses made by Sally.  One of a kind.  You have an idea, she can make it happen.  Many of these designs are dresses found in catalogs.  Got a picture, Sally can re-create it!

Just some of the things Sally can make…cushions, drapes, pillows.  Remember, all custom made with your fabric selection.

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